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I think Lewis Holtby ought to be at the top of any list regarding new contracts as a matter of urgency. In my view, he's instrumental in everything when we're on song and badly missed when unavailable

Some say the reason we're in the running is because he was raised by a pack of wolfs near Darwen Tower.

Complaining that we have too much competition in midfield. I long for the days of Akpan and Guthrie.

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2 hours ago, BankEnd Rover said:

Would love him. If he's to start, who do you get rid of Johnson or Travis? Personally feel Travis will be the victim which will be a real shame.

No way can he drop Travis. He is the only evidence that Mowbray “gives youth a chance”.

Looks like Rothwell is finished at Rovers though.

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No brainer, if he's as good as we think/hope/remember, sign him.

Downing is on his 1 and (probable) only season.

Dack (and Lenihan) are (most likely) in thier last season

Graham is (most definitely) in his final season

Rothwell (might well be) fed up and asked to leave after this season

Smallwood (99.9%) gone after this season (hopefully January)

Johnson has (maybe) another season or 2 in him

Gallagher, Armstong and Brereton are strikers (not wingers)

Bennett is now (apparently) a RB

After this season our midfield is probably left with Evans, Buckley, Butterworth, Rankin-Costello, Davenport, Chapman, Johnson and Travis (if we can keep him)... ie, Yuk.

We also need money saved to buy a GK, CB (replace DL) and LB since we dont own any good ones.

Holtby on a "free" and a 3 year deal should be a no brainer... especially since Mowbray loves a settling in period for (most) new signings and by god will we probably need him come January/August 2020.

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4 hours ago, BankEnd Rover said:

With his experience Tony will have him in the starting 11 sooner than people think. The idea of them 4 in the middle would be incredible. Maybe lacking a bit of pace but the experience is there.


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1 hour ago, BlackburnEnd75 said:

I actually think that looks awful. We’d just recycle possession without any incision 

It’s the same team that beat Millwall 2-0 basically, just Holtby for Downing really isn’t it.

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I don't think it is strange in that his quality and calibre I suspect is a level up on what we already have.

The key question is how he fits in, because Dack is an obvious pick, and surely a player like Holtby will not be coming in to be sub. He played as a 10 for Spurs but is from reports equally adept playing further back.

If he was to play in central midfield, then obviously Travis or Johnson would need to drop out, which is obviously a big call. I think Travis has to play, but I think Mowbray would be more likely to pick Johnson, that said I am not sure how comfortable he would be with playing 2 left footed players together.

I suspect it is more likely that we will see Holtby crow-barred in out wide, ala Reed. It is important that we keep at least one player with pace out wide, ie Joe Rothwell.

I definitely think with Holtby, Johnson and Downing to add to the mix, with Dack, Rothwell and Travis already here, our midfield looks far better than it does last year. If only we had the same quality up front!

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1 hour ago, BlackburnEnd75 said:

I am confused as to where he may play. A bit of internet research suggests that he likes to play as a 10. So maybe he’ll slot in on the right of midfield with Downing playing centre mid, maybe it’ll be the other way around. 

Where have you got that from? On transfermarkt, he played every game last season as one of 3 in midfield.

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