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SINCE 1996
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Cringiest moments in Rovers history?

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The best Rovers team I've ever seen losing 5-1 at home to fourth division Workington in the League Cup, followed by the same team losing 3-1 at fourth division Oxford in the FA Cup. That was the season I really though our name was on the trophy. When you live in Rochdale losing to them in a two legged League Cup Semi Final took some getting over also.

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The chicken advert, Shebby Singh, owners turning up in a fleet of a princes limos to be greeted by boos and snowballs when it appeared they were expecting a red carpet, Steve Keans lying smug face, Having Jerome Anderson spoken about in the same breath as BRFC !!!

That lot really takes beating.

Super Atkos last min OG v Liverpool and Rathbone falling over the ball allowing Strachan to score for Utd live on tv. stand out from the dim and distant past

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In my life time

Post venkys:

Venkys numerous 

Kean numerous

Chicken advert


Forfeiting games 

Sky Sports and mass media fawning over the cretins who destroyed the club 

Big date kit promotion


Pre venkys:

Fa cup semi final following vs Arsenal wasn’t great. (mitigating factors but still low nos for the occasion)



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Venkys have ensured that their reign has been far too cringeworthy for existential reasons but I have one form a few years back.

I think it was during Rovers first Sky Monday night game. My memory is hazy but it was an evening game, and it was probably Sky too due to the sheer embarrassment of it all.

They brought out a cheerleading crew at half time, along with some two-bit singer nobody had heard of. The poor cheerleaders weren't very good. The girl's song was bad too. She could sing but the song was crap.

Anyway, in true football form Ewood en masse started booing and drowned the poor girl out, then the Blackburn End started with the all too predictable "get your tits out for the lads" over and over.

Crigneworthy. Who thought that it was a good idea wanted sacking.


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More things make me angry about Venky’s and their reign than make me cringe in the main.

With that being said, seeing Chris Brown attempt to play football was pretty cringeworthy. 

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