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    That applies to anybody in the public eye who voices an opinion. If you are a sensitive soul then you are in the wrong game.
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    It seems to me that if you criticise Israel at all, some people consider you to be anti-Semitic. I think that is rubbish.
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    Bennett has given away two penalties in as many games and is heavily targetted when playing RB or LB. Shouldnt be starting for a while at least. If he did have to start, CM possibly or on the RW/Defensvie winger position.
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    Comparing anyone to Damien Duff is lining them up to fail. Duff was special and would be playing for City if he were in the game now. The saddest thing is that we will NEVER have another Duff while Mowbray is here. He’d have been stifled from the start, dropped when playing well and slated for not being defensive enough.
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    If you want to write publicly about football then you need thick skin. There will always be somebody who disagrees with you.
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    Re: Ian Austin's 'takedown' of Corbyn: When a person who has received money from 6/7 different entities/people employed by/linked to the Israeli government accuses you of antisemitism, chances are they're just being a paid-for prick.
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    It's so dumb. Look at other Cat One Academies like Chelsea. I watched Callum Hudson-Odoi just a little over a year ago play at Leyland against Blackburn Rovers Under 23's. He was rank average. 6-9 months later he's in the England mens set up having played countless games for Chelsea. Harry Chapman (whom I'm not even the biggest fan of) is better than he was in that Under 23's game. I think it's just proof that we aren't handing out enough chances. The only difference between Jack Vale and a first teamer like Joe Rothwell is experience. There's only one way to give that experience out and that's with chances in the first time. TM stumbled upon Travis because he had no other option, he hasn't pulled the trigger on Buckley, Butterworth or JRC - sold off David Raya and refuses to play Ryan Nyambe often. He's probably the worst manager I've known for youth players in some time.
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    Yes Alejandro. We support a fabulous football club with a long and illustrious history, an iconic and beautiful kit and a record of achievement unsurpassed by any town of similar size. Present difficulties should not be a reason to deter you or any other fans from celebrating and supporting the Rovers. We have a history of punching above our weight, overcoming obstacles and representing with honour a Northern town itself characterised by the honest endeavour of straightforward folk. Be proud.
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    His opinions and he's entitled to them just as some are to disagree. He has the platform there though to say his bit to a huge audience with the safety net of no direct replies. When he has a pop at fans or comes out with stuff that's a bit 'superfan' . Or goes against what others feel is actually happening he's fair game. I'm sure he knows that.
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    Smithy is a good lad and his devotion to BRFC over the past 40 years should not be doubted. Not saying I agree with all he says mind you but he's a good egg.
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    Simon is a thoroughly respected commentator on the Rovers from the fanzine's perspective. Massively grateful that he went to the effort of getting quotes from the likes of Terry Gennoe, Mick Rathbone, Mick Speight and other teammates for his wonderful 2000-word tribute to Kevin Stonehouse in Issue 97 earlier this season. This was followed up by another brilliant piece about John Lowey last month.
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    He's so not bothered, he wrote an article about not being bothered. Has anyone got a flotation device? I'm drowning in irony over here.....
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    Which makes his achievements even more impressive. He got Shamrock Rovers into the group stages of the Europa league, the first time an Irish league side every qualified for the group stages of a European competition. Everywhere he has managed he has exceeded expectations, not a little bit, but massively. He may have an issue with egos etc managing a club in England, but I think appointing him would be less of a gamble than many of the names that get bandied about when a vacancy comes up at this level. I would have loved him here. I would have been more excited with appointing him than I would be if we appointed Hughton.
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    No, you drop Bennett who contrary to what you keep saying did not do a Makelele like job on Gallagher, and play our best central midfielder Travis with another, Downing, Johnson or at a push Evans. The fact that you havent taken that as the joke it clearly was is funnier than the actual joke.
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    I dont particularly think that either are that good to be honest, Adarabioyo up until on Saturday to me has appeared rather flimsy, Rodwell was good on the ball but its no good if you cant defend. Thankfully he was far better at actually defending on Saturday, especially aerially. I think we have only kept one clean sheet with him starting and he came off after an hour on that day. Lenihan is somewhat overrated because hes actually willing to put his head on the line which has made him unique, but we did keep a few clean sheets consecutively with him at the heart of it, and thus I would have to say him. He has always been very rash and theres always a mistake in there though, and although secondary he is crap on the ball bringing it out, although his assist v Millwall was superb. I definitely think that with Cunningham injured, when Lenihan back our back 4 should be Nyambe, Lenihan, Adarabioyo and Williams, which is still pretty poor, but the best we have until January.
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    Thats a little simplistic though, your comments imply that Hudson Odoi and McEachran are of the same (or were) ability, as if McEachran would have had exactly the same impact had they got the same chance. Agree that a lot of it is down to luck and chances, but you look at your comments below, that experience that Graham has, knowledge of the game is exactly why IMO it is impossible to justify playing any of the younger but far inferior strikers in his place. Not all players develop that game intelligence at the same pace, or even at all. I think as a full back to be fair, you wouldnt be overly scared of either, neither are particularly good. That said, Feeney has apparently been on fire in League 1 this year, with plenty of assists. I wouldnt say Mahoney is twice the player that Feeney is at all, and Feeney as we all know is pretty poor.
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    I think it’s inevitable. Mowbray is no Souness, he won’t give our exciting young players a chance unless: a. they are defensively minded b. or they have it knocked out of them The only player we seem to have made an money out of from the youth side during Mowbray’s time is the much maligned Nuttall. (I’m not counting Raya as he was an established first teamer and not one of Mowbray’s). If he isn’t going to play them then he is going to have to get some value out of them. Personally I’d keep Butterworth, Vale and JRC and sell Mowbray. Wonder if there would be any buyers?
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    Ridiculous if Gallagher is earning even a penny more than Dack, let alone 3x as much. Hopefully the figures are outdated.
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    Fair enough. I quite like the thought of Arma, Dack and Rothwell as the "attacking 3" with Travis & Holtby behind them if we are to persist with the 4231. I do look forward to seeing if your predictions about Buckley come true, I hope they do.
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    I'll take this bet, there is no way Travis & Buckley will be our two regular central midfielders by christmas, or even this season. It would be madness anyway when we have Holtby on the books, he really should be in that position with Travis.
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    Sometimes, just giving the player the opportunity and freedom to express himself is all it takes to develop them.
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    Stoke can do miles better than hasbeen no marks like Pardew or O'Neill whose day was with Celtic close to 2 decades ago.
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    Venkys doing a firework display to celebrate Diwali after they've taken the meat pies out of Blackburn. There have been worse times like the buggers showing up in Roverland but the heartless bastards don't mind taken the piss with their self-absorption. Tell them and Waggott to do one from a long-lost friend
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    The theory was that Jones knew his time was up but they wanted Hughton and he knocked them back. Have to assume they've spent some time looking at alternatives and have now settled on a preferred option or even have the green light to go and get him quickly. Hope it is Neil because the way things are going I'm going to need therapy if Burnley survive and PNE get promoted.

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