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    Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles'
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    Think that’s him. Pretty much got chased out of the side by the fans. Looked a shell of a man as a result in the documentary.
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    Blue Oyster Cult - (Don’t Fear)The Reaper
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    5 Subs per match on the face of it is good because we have some decent kids coming through. That said, this will benefit clubs with better quality in depth in their squads and is unfair on smaller clubs that do not have that benefit and have built their squad around the previous rules of 3 subs per game. They should have kept the same rules - it is the same for everybody regarding injuries and fitness. Managers should have to just rotate more each match (TM would have loved that).
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    It's 5 subs but only 3 stoppages per team for subs, so you'd have to do multiple players in at least one go. If Bell isn't fit and the choices for left-back are Williams, Mulgrew, Downing, Rankin-Costello and Bennett then I genuinely don't see why the Under 23's left-back can't be given a go. He'd be no worse than any of them lot in that position...
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    Done deal according to their forum... https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/jon-mclaughlin.1516241/page-27
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    It finished 1-1 ,Crowd was 56518 so i'm guessing a few Rovers fans made the trip across,we lost the replay at Ewood 2-1 in front of 54.400
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    You don't need a facebook login to view this superb collection of photos from the area, some real crackers, most I've never seen before: https://en-gb.facebook.com/groups/blackburnnowandthen/?ref=group_header
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    Rovers got Samba from Hertha reserves. He was a fantastic player. I agree. Werner is a very good player. I rate Abraham too. He's a bit gangly but will improve. He's not in Werner's class but has scored a bag full this season (last season in the Championship too) and is a few years younger.
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    Sounds a horrible idea doesn't it? I do think we are going down that route with the top flight though and have for a while, and the revised fixture list due to the pandemic might accelerate it. By the time the next TV deal comes around, I could easily see a schedule like this with a Saturday 3pm blackout applied... Friday 8pm Saturday 12:30pm, 5:30pm, 8pm Sunday 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm Monday 8pm Like you say, it makes the thought of a promotion back there less enviable indeed, and would kill away followings for smaller top flight clubs. I think it just means that no top flight games would happen in that timeslot, so lower league attendances wouldn't be compromised.
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    Walton nyambe Lenihan Tosin downing evans Travis rothwell Holtby JRC arma If bell is fit I would play him at left back and downing instead of JRC. Big game for us, a win would be massive and really set us up for two favourable fixtures. A loss could easily leave us stranded in midtable
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    I’m pretty sure he’s been awful over the last couple of season, makes loads of mistakes unless I’m thinking of the wrong player. Would steer well clear, we need much better.
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    Whilst I do actually agree, managers rotating more in this way also still favours clubs with more squad depth. Either way smaller clubs are at a disadvantage, but really that's the whole point, in this league its what sets 17th aside from 5th.
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    One issue brought about VAR and GLT is that it's taken away the responsibility of match officials (particularly linesman) who seem reluctant to make decisions in the knowledge they have some technical backup. Pre technology I think the linesman would have seen the ball over the line but the trust they have in the technology for matters of fact is total. For something as crucial as this though I believe VAR should have intervened as they would have had complete evidence that the ball was over the line.
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    Ultravox - Dancing with Tears in my Eyes
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    i can't watch that one its too painful.
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    Another superb picture from bygone times, look at the work thats gone into the advert, I think thats @jim mk2 queuing in the background.
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    Who's doing the job - Tracey Emin or Banksy ? How come I never got asked to quote ?
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    Starmer offered to help with the Shadow Education Secretary three weeks ago but was ignored. He has proof in a letter that didn't even merit the courtesy of a reply. And to reiterate PMQ's is not the forum for an opposition leading to be asked questions.
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    “No change given”? Bloody Waggott - grasping bastard!
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    The Full Members Cup win in 87 was probably the best day I've ever had supporting the club, I still get goose bumps watching the footage, superb. Found this picture earlier today, thanks to Blackburn now and then, what a great pic:
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    Forget Ayala those wages would be huge. Il throw a name about Bailey Wright went up with pne became a no nonsense type centre back went to Bristol city for 3.5 million finished last few months of the season at Sunderland racking up the motm awards. He’s on a free this summer, Australian international, I’d suggest that would be more realistic if we even actually do look at anyone.
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    Monk has left under a cloud or odd circumstances from every club he has been at. He's only about 40 and yet has gone through 5 clubs in the same number of years. Its never been a case of him being sacked because results have been poor or their League position being a problem. He left Leeds when they nearly got into the playoffs, Middlesbrough when they were in the top 6 or very near, Birmingham in strange circumstances after most felt he had done well keeping them steady during the Ffp problems. Lee Carsley is being linked to the job today.

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