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The sad passing of "Kelbo".


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RIP, Condolences to Kelvin's family and friends.

'Kelbo' always seemed to give good analyses of Rovers matches. Was he a coach at some point?

He told me that he coached at Colne, youths and reserves and I know he played a few games for Rovers B and also played Lancs League Cricket for years.

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His posts were always worth reading, always sensible and well reasoned. You got the impression he was someone who knew what he was talking about and who had the gift of expressing himself concisely and too the point.

I will miss reading his contributions.

My thoughts and sympathy are with his family, I offer my condolences.

RIP Kelbo (Kelvin)

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This is desperately sad. Feeling very choked ready this.

Best wishes to his family, I hope they can take some small solace is knowing how liked and respected he was on here.

RIP Kelbo.

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Oh no, I'm sorry to read this. Kelbo's posts were always well worth reading.

It's strange to feel sad at the loss of someone I never knew, conversed with, nor would have recognised- but his contributions to discussion on here (and the tributes paid by people in this thread) show that he will be missed amongst us too.

Rest in peace.

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Puts everything into perspective.

Never personally met 'Kelbo' but exchanged messages and sensed he was a really good and knowledgeable bloke.

You will be missed.

Thoughts and prayers are with the family.


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