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[Archived] Mr T (trialist) Guessing Game

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Is BFS getting Gazza out of retirement ?

This must have been a player who was transferred for a big fee about 4-5 years ago, then disappered in to the wilderness, for Nicko to even have lost track or remembered anything about the guy. That being said, if he needed to check what club he played for, that doesn`t necessarily mean its British based !

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Some must be absolutely useless at crosswords the guesses don't even match the clues.

You can guarantee you have not heard of the guy for at least two seasons if not more.

He is younger than Fowler so under 34. nicko had to check he was still playing and his club, obscure club abroad?? probably not even in there starting 11 on a regular basis.

I doubt we will get near to this one.

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its gotta be that guy who played for United.

cant think of his name, but he used to play with his hands up his sleaves!

was at the top, then went to the bottom. who knows where he is now?

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If I've read Nicko's clues right, it's going to be someone whose career went downhill after initially looking promising, rather someone who just declined due to old age.

For me that completely rules out people like Wiltord, Kewell, Shevchenko etc. Malcolm Christie sounds about right from all the clues so far, although it's probably not him.

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