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[Archived] Pro-Active Meeting

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Pete did a good 10 minute slot on radio lancashire tonight and came across very well.

We need to kick on and ensure something is happening all the time to keep the pressure on.

I'm now talking directly to the Acting chair of House of Commons select committee for culture , media and sport (Damian Collins) and he is currently going through all the documents I have sent him as he pushes to re-open the case and pressure FA.

Some of this is things I have worked on over last 12 months especially, which to my knowledge has not been presented to the FA

A couple of videos are also being planned as part of a new YouTube channel to reach out far and wide.

I'm engaged in conversations with an agent regarding additional information regarding transfer irregularities which is a key piece of information too.

It's been a pro-active couple of days , with quite a few getting involved in the background, To get momentum flowing again.

The acting chair for the select committee for Culture, Media and Sport Damian Collins is the same one that is rumoured to put pressure on the FA to sack Sam Allardyce.

I still think the House of commons needs to force the FA into doing a full investigation into the role of agents and third party ownership of players. But do the FA have the power to call witness or summon witness. maybe it might have to be a full Police investigation needed to give to bottom of the corruption

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There needs to be a game this season with NO home fans. Just away fans in attendance. That is the easiest and cheapest way to get noticed nationally and cause a stir. Sadly it won't happen, why... I don't know. I agree with the pundits. There's not much we can do.

It has to be dramatic and together or nothing at all. Pick a game that would have low away support anyway, put your money raised into entertainment outside the ground if necessary and do not attend. Otherwise go, continue to support the team and be ignored until we reach oblivion.

3000 fans at 3 home games on the bounce would be hard to ignore.

Sad but that is the only way IMO.

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can I asked what has been said during the meeting and any decisons that have been decide upon?

Couldn't make it myself but cmon on why do you want to know . You won't do anything anyway . Blimy your umming and ayeing over 18/75
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