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I'm one of those people that wasn't sucked in by an admittedly very impressive couple of wins against dreadful sides early doors. The 'brilliant start' lasted about 4-5 games and saw us peak at about

Hughton has had 4 seasons as a Championship manager, across 3 different clubs. In those 4 seasons he has got automatic promotion twice and got into the play offs twice. In his half season with Brighto

Top 6 means nothing if we don't go up, we may as well be mid table. Top 6 is not success on it's own.

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I think in the league as a whole there will be lots of twists and turns. However, I don’t think that will include rovers. Not unless the twists come in the form of the lofty heights of 8th then the depths of 14th. We are the epitome of mediocrity under Tonebola. 

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1 minute ago, duckson said:

Offiside for first and defensive mistake for second.

Reading havent taken the few chances they have had unlike when they played us.

Yeah I mean anyone can beat anyone and shows there are no world beaters in this league. 

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Just now, only2garners said:

3-0 now in injury time .What's even more bizarre is that PNE have 13 points, all away from home - 5 straight defeats at home.

Crazy isn’t it. The premiership has been strange enough but this league is bonkers.

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18 minutes ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

I say it every year but this year it really is true - " We'll never have a better chance than this year to go up. Every team is beatable ".

We have to sack Mowbray though to have a chance ....

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