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    I contacted Alan Shearer via twitter and he agreed to sign my shirt for me, im over the moon. I’m in Ireland so posted it to the UK with a return envelope and I had it back inside a week. He came across as a really nice guy, even sent me this emoji in a message when I thanked him on twitter for the memories and the goals 🙋‍♂️ Lol
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    Sad news, his teams played entertaining football which made today's version lseem extremely drab in comparison. If memory serves me correctly the only thing preventing us from making a sustained promotion push for the top division in his time was the lack of a prolific goalscorer. The Board of the day refused to back him in a move for Steve Kindon I seem to recall. Two things stick in my mind about Jim. Firstly that famous 3-2 win at Turf Moor Boxing Day 1977. The managers had to walk diagonally across one half of the pitch to get to the dug outs and the reception the bald eagle received from the Rovers fans packed into one half of the Longsight stand as he walked across the pitch was like nothing I'd seen before or since. Secondly, fuelled by the impetuosity of youth I wrote to Jim at one point suggesting players we could possibly sign. I certainly never expected a reply but much to my surprise and delight received a beautifully typed letter on Club notepaper detailing individually why it was not practical to sign the players I'd mentioned. Signed with a flourish from the fountain pen of the man himself. You couldn't imagine a manager even reading such correspondence these days let alone going to such trouble to reply. RIP.
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    Nyambe would be one of the last ones I would consider resting tonight.
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    Is there NObody connected with the club or the Community Trust who can refurbish this bench so that it's a proper commemoration of one of the best players to wear blue and white in the last quarter or the 20th Century? Come on, Venky's; you bought us lock, stock and barrel. If you bought a Premier League club - which we were, before you sacked Big Sam and replaced him with that nonentity whose name I choose not to repeat - you also bought our history. It surely wouldn't break your bank to refurbish this bench commemorating one of our most popular players of the last quarter of the 20th Century.
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    Is anyone having sound issues on the red button?
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    I think the beds thing is a false argument in both sides. A properly funded NHS doesn't need as many beds because people are diagnosed quicker, see consultants quicker, are treated quicker and therefore have less need of beds. And when they do need beds, they don't need them for as long. It doesn't matter specifically how many beds it has, but if it has enough to cope with demand. The easiest way to reduce that demand is to have it function properly through the correct funding. Re: They want to sell the NHS, they can't without Parliamentary approval, something only a legit majority will get them. They clearly want to based on the reduction in real-terms funding, the books written by various Tories extolling the benefits of privatisation (to themselves and businesses, not to the public), and the documents made public in recent months that show avenues of the NHS being filtered away. There's a difference between PFI contracts for buildings, desks, chairs, pens, bandages etc and PFI contracts for the very medicine that people depend on. The worry is we end up in a position where it will cost us £500 just for the ambulance ride.
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    Even more overloaded now all those EU emmigrant doctors and nurses have gone home.
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    I have a memory of Rio Ferdinand donning the blue and white halves in February 2006...
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    Typical chaddy content when you can't handle the cognitive dissonance
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    A proper football manager. RIP. The next Home game will be a real test of the current regime. If there's: no black armbands on the team's sleeves; no minute's silence - none of this minute's applause malarky - and no proper appreciation in the match programme of Jim and what he did for This Great Club Of Ours in more financially-straightened times before Uncle Jack's era, then it will speak volumes - to this fan at least - about what care-less custodians we have of our traditions.
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    In my paper today - " Jim Smith the former Birmingham, Oxford, QPR, Newcastle, Portsmouth and Derby manager, who has died at the age of 79 ". Being fair to them further on in the article it does mention lots about his early career, first as a player then manager at Boston, Colchester and then Rovers. Strange not to include Rovers in the first paragraph though.
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    Downing is probably the fittest member of the squad, despite being 35. If we play Bell or Bennett at left back in one of these away games then it's like we asking to get beat, not good enough. Gallagher for Graham we might get away with.
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    I try to read them all. Do you? Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you shouldn't read it. It's also about broadening your knowledge - and knowing your enemy and how they think
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    We are finnally close it's matxh day! Great like i said before I'm specting a 1-0 for our Rovers match a tie would be good aswell...won't be easy at all they have brill players but i think tje most dangerous thing about them is that they are underestimating us I'm sure that they think that because of ther individual performances and quality we mean "winnable" match for they so Come On You Rovers lets show those bastards that they are tottally wrong!!! I belive on my team i will be supporting and i know you too... I want to see and hear Roves on welsh since mexico so to all the rovers that will follow our team today share everything as you can please pals!!! #Rovers #ImRoversTillIDie #Top10season #TheMexicanRover
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    I was only walking past Noel’s bench at Pleasy on Sunday. RIP Jim.
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    From a Bristol City follower,hope as many of you can make the journey on saturday 30th November Firstly THERE WILL NO PAY ON THE DAY and this will NOT be changed. So please buy your match day tickets on saturday if your heading to the home game against Derby Coming by road. Do NOT USE M4/M32 route and don't try to negotiate the roads and streets of Bristol YOU WILL GET LOST Parking is normally in the streets around the area as long as you are there by 1pm please don't block drive ways or park on corners. If you are coming by train there is a local train service to PARSON STREET from Bristol Temple Meads Good train times as most trains from the North as well as the London direction arrive at quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour it takes you two thirds of the way to the ground and walk the rest of the way You will pass Sainsburys on the left with restaurant,Robins pub again on your left hand side When you approach the ground I suggest you walk past wickes using the pavement as the concourse area behind the big new stand gets very congested with bodies Any less you want to look at the John Atyeo statue Please make sure you get your train ticket showing PARSON STREET We are trying to promote PARSON STREET for football fans till Ashton gate halt comes on line. Split train tickets are available to Bristol(parson street) If there are at least three of you arriving by train get a taxi Make sure the taxi driver drops you in the Ashton Road end as it a very long walk round from the other end Casualty and Holby City were filmed in the City don't ask me about either of the programmes cos I think their both rubbish The young ones was also filmed in the BS7 area of the City(actually its Bishopston) Finally the block of flats on the left behind the dolman stand side as you are in the away end is "the" block of flats in "fools and horses" Bring your camera and turn up early if you want to take any photo's Pubs possibly best one are in the cumberland road basin area novia scotia pump house and the cottage. Buy your match day programme before you enter the away end. Radio commentary be on BBC radio Bristol on DAB should be on 94:9fm as well We now have two big screens at the Gate, so if you have bad eyesight sit on the far left hand side as you look at the pitch. The match is shown while the game is in play and some replays but no controversial incidents. Pubs: best ones are along the Cumberland Roads area,suggest park your car and then walk to the ground. Please circulate to any other football forums and footy fans you may deem fit If you need any further info,don't be afraid to ask.
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    That is the team I was hoping for. If we don’t win ,TM’s starting lineup can’t be blamed
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    Just want us to turn up, play to our strengths, work hard to accommodate our known weaknesses, and never give up till the final whistle blows... Same as any other game for the Rovers. COYB!
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    Yes, because it quoted 47er’s which was fishing for a response from another poster. Such posts won’t be tolerated and any further will be dealt with via warnings, as all previous requests have been ignored.
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    Oddly enough my choice yesterday was idi amin. At least you knew where you stood with those guys and everyone knew they were villains. Joking aside, it concerns me enormously that our country is handing over control to Johnson and co not in rigged elections but when every or almost every citizen over the age of 18 has a free vote
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    Typical Labour/Corbyn supporter comment.
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    No, because I don't spend all day staring at boobs.

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