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[Archived] Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

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Speechless......as bad as I've ever seen Rovers! How the mighty hell can they get three shots from 5 yards with NONE of our defenders looking even remotely interested in getting the ball away?!?!? Only player performing this far is Steele and he's already let two in behind him. Doesn't matter if Rovers by some miracle will turn this around in 2nd half scoring the needed 5 goals (just assuming....) it's clear for all to see that something has to change.

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That defending was appalling. Not least as Steel did 2 saves and they still got the 3rd chance.

How can anyone seriously support Bowyer? Things are just going from bad to worse. They are like a pub team that just turn up on Sundays having done absolutely no training or prep work.

Perhaps his computer broke? :closedeyes:

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We've settled down a bit now, good bit of possession at last.

We just had the ball near the edge of Fulham's area then took seven pointless sideways and backwards passes to manoeuvre the ball back to the half way line then had to lump a 40 yard pass in the general direction of Henley to get back where we started from. Painful.

Edit: 2-0.


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Camera pans to a passive GB who looks as though this is just business as usual.

No urgency, no instruction, no ideas.

I spotted that. He looked like he'd just remembered he'd forgotten to record X Factor. He should be going absolutely ballistic. Gaz will just be handing round the oranges and patting them on the back at HT.
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This is possibly even worse than Kean. We're definitely back to that same level, at the very least. A lazy, unorganised rabble with no quality, no desire and no will to win.

Every match we give Bowyer is a step closer to the trap door.

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