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[Archived] Birmingham Home Saturday 21/01/2017


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A hard fought point Coyle will proclaim, individual mistakes or we would have won he'll crow. A point closer to safety the head in the sands will shout on facebook, telegraph and Roverstalk despite dropping another place.

No need to sign anyone we've not lost spins the new Venky stooge.

FACT = Another winnable game made a balls of !

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Conway for Gallagher - why?

Guthrie for Akpan - why?

Akpan for me was man of the match, somebody fancied a laugh and gave t Feeney

Didn't think Feeney was too bad today but agree with you completely about the subs, fairly inexplicable and we lost momentum thereafter. Conway is so slow these days it's unreal.

Signs of potential from Nyambe today but little to enthuse about apart from that. Akpan was OK as well. Steele is such a weird keeper, couple of stupendous saves but such an elementary error for their penalty.

Not good enough overall, Coyle needs to go now or it could be too late for anyone else to rescue the situation.

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Agree rev Feeney was ok but Akpan better

For me there is no footballing reason to bring Akpan off and leave Lowe on, the bloke is protected beyond belief with another game passing him by.

Conway got the ball twice and lost it twice.

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We played better second half and Feeney was our best player today. Always taking his man and crossing.

Coyle settled for a point after 85

Mins. Take Gallagher off for Conway.

Birmingham werent that good and there for taking second half and we didnt take our chances.

Coyle tactics are poor.

We need 3 or 4 signings.

Big week for Rovers and will Senior be able to these key decisions.

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