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Won't stop a small handful criticising him, which frankly is starting to piss me off. I get having scapegoats of our worst players all the time, there's always a weak link in a side to be improved. Bu

Its absolutely no coincidence that Elliott on Tuesday, with quite frankly less able team mates around him, was poor. With Rothwell, Brereton, Armstrong and to an extent Johnson round him he looke

Lest we forget, Brereton is still 21. Hope he continues on his trajectory 

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Just now, bluebruce said:

QPR don't convince the commentators defensively at all apparently. But that was only the second time we have actually troubled the keeper I believe, and it was straight at him.

Third time - he's made two really good saves. 

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This is as good a performance as we've had this season IMO, but no goals to show for it.

We are so much better with the spine of our team back in Kaminski, Johnson, Rothwell and Armstrong. 

Can't fault any players' performance so far (other than Evans for the 2 minutes he was on). Arma a bit greedy, but given his scoring record you can forgive him.

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Buckley should have started anyway. Rothwell turns defence into attack far quicker than any other player we have. Should be in front.

Has Armstrong been coach to ignore every other teammate when he gets the ball? Attacks break down as soon as they get to him. I'm all for strikers being greedy, but not when there's not even much of a chance on...

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Almost a flip reversal of Tuesday so far. Boro were scratching their heads as to how they didn't score then, now its our turn.

This is much much better though and hopefully we find the breakthrough.

Wharton needs to calm down a bit before trying to pick a pass he's been a bit erratic thus far.

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Just now, 1864roverite said:

He has hardly touched the ball to demonstrate ??

Two long punts up to QPR defenders with none of our players anywhere near. On the first one, Elliott was on for a nice easy throw and break.

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Just now, RoverDom said:

If you couldn't imagine Evans getting injured you're completely devoid of any creative talent. The only way to couldnt make it up is if you were a vegetable.

Maybe if he controlled the ball better he wouldn’t have had to stretch trying to recover his position!

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We have the beating of QPR but when we are in advanced positions the movement by players off the ball stops instead of speeding up the way you see Prem League teams play. We don't hurt teams by pushing on when in possession well inside the final third which means we are playing in front of defenders instead of behind them. At the very least there is a sending off to be had if we gamble a bit more.

Has the feeling of Dieng having a man of the match performance. 

We are not being clinical again.


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