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1 minute ago, moerpho said:

Was it handball? Kinda hard to see from the replay. 

Del tapped his head, then his chest, which makes me think he's guilty.

Make your mind up!

He was one step away from doing a full head, shoulders, knees and toes. 

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Been said earlier in this thread but the difference when the shackles are removed is like night and day. If we keep this mindset and keep our key players fit (and make a couple more shrewd acquis

BB is knackered. What a shift from him today. 

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Just now, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

Mowbray shouted 'hold, Johnson' just before it. 

I see, so he misunderstood, and obligingly held his Johnson. Follows instructions a little literally that bloke.

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JRC has done pretty well at RB, but he lacks pace and has had to make up for it with some well timed tackles. I wouldn't be against Nyambe coming on in the second half with fresh legs to make sure they don't get back into the game.

Kaminski has been solid so far, but he has a habit of saving the ball into the path of opposition players, which is a bit of a worry.

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Just now, simongarnerisgod said:

a very strange afternoon so far,not one person has slagged bell off?

He has actually played perfectly acceptably. Good cross to Dolan near the end of the half.

Obviously we still need a new left back though.

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