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Birmingham - Away, Sat 2nd Jan

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Armstrong's had his dodgy games recently (especially the calamity that was Bristol City away) but today is not one, he's been by far our best attacking player today I'd say. He looks dangerous, terrifies the opposition defence and our likeliest scorer of a second goal. 

Don't disagree with the chat (it's what this place is for, after all) but it does seem strange timing to be discussing his contribution.

If you want to appreciate Arma, just watch Gally try and trap a ball! What does Dolan have to do to get a run out at right wing? Gally's crap out there but TM still won't give him a chance!

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Here's an idea....stop using the donkey Gallagher up front where he does F all and make a CB out of him. Does good defensive work when he gets back. Will have more use of his qualities down there as well. Absolutely every time we get forward it breaks down when the ball gets to Gallagher. Time to get rid or re-position.

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5 minutes ago, den said:

Using Rhodes as an example isn’t a great idea DE. He can’t get a game anywhere because of his failings.

As for Armstrong, if he wants to improve as a player for the benefit of himself and the team, then there’s certainly room for it. Is that not just common sense?

I only care about what Rhodes did when he was at Rovers Den, and that was consistently score goals in an often turgid team. I do think Arma has more potential due to his pace, but will need a better manager in charge to unleash his full potential. Unlikely to happen under Venky's, but maybe when he eventually moves elsewhere. Josh King certainly went up a number of notches once he moved to Bournemouth. 

2 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

League 1? He would be doing well. I was screaming for him to be captain,now I think it would be easier if he wasn't. That's if we even had another option 

It's amazing really. Lenihan has never been a great defender, but it's hard to fathom how he's become as bad as he is now. Is it just a confidence thing? A lack of consistent partner beside him? Something Mowbray is doing in training? There's got to be a reason because he hasn't lost the talent he has and he should be at the peak of his career. Something isn't right.

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29 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

Do you think he has more improving to do? That's literally all anyone was saying or anyone wants. If you and others think he is the finished article, then fair enough. I don't. I think there is much more to come from him. 


Yeah actually I believe he can improve. Is that all people were sayin? Don't think that is true. I have saw numerous comments saying he was "brainless" among other things.

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4 minutes ago, Mercer said:

I'd take a loss here to get rid of Mowbray.

IMO, we are truly hopeless and going nowhere but downwards.

It's turgid stuff.

After this it's just Doncaster at home in the cup in the next fourteen days. Mowbray will have nicely weathered whatever storm by our next league game, even if we have no chance of doing anything this season. 

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The main problem with Mowbray and his "tactics" is that they work well when on the counter as it is really easy: lob to ball over the defenders and hope that prefereably Arma gets on the end of it. When attacking against a set defence there is no movement, nowhere for the midfielders to pass and thus the pass goes sideways or backwards. Everyone on here keeps harping on about the defense, but our movement up top is criminal and static. The one outlet this season has been Brereton who creates space for Arma - on the other side you have Gallagher who is static, slow and no good in the air.

I've been silent today trying to find a positive in a game we look to be winning, but all I can see is a team who is regressing and winning because the other side Big Club is absolute pants...

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