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Reading v Rovers. March 2nd 2021, 8pm.

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Just now, 4000Holes said:

Just got a 3 litre box from the coop. A reasonable 13% red blended of course.  Only question is, will 3 litres be enough?  Not sure that it will be adequate to reduce the pain when full time whistle goes.


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8 minutes ago, Mercer said:

Wouldn't back Rovers with washers now.  I really think our football club could fall apart any time soon.  Think Mowbray has to go if we are to have any hope.

On a profitable run backing the opposition.

Gone big on Reading at 7/5.  Fill yer boots!

Keep getting bottles of wine given so going to have a Tignanello tonight to soothe away the misery I expect to watch at Reading.



Sangiovese my favourite grape

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1 minute ago, WacoRover said:

Yeah, no win today. but afterwards, I fully expect TM to say he witnessed, “Premier League performances all over the pitch...”

Who wear Blue and White!

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Just now, roversfan99 said:

Shit team again, what can be achieved bringing Bell back in? Trybull over Travis? Dack on the bench? 

Remember in school, when the bigger lad could always hold your head down the toilet (if he wanted to...)


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4 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

am i in a minority who thinks bell is better than douglas??it`s not a good situation to be in,having to rely on either of them

Think Douglas is better. Both are shocking defenders but Douglas at least has a delivery on him.

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It’s the complete lack of pace in midfield that is the worry, or at least to me it is.  Just can’t see us getting the ball forward quickly enough to do any damage.  Of course Brereton will get the blame but the lad needs service and I still think there is a footballer in him.

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4 minutes ago, windymiller7 said:

Beers in the fridge - put the rest of the box on the patio (nice & cold tonight) just in case as they won't all fit in the fridge. 

Got Corona in tonight on a 2 boxes for £18 deal in Asda.

Just make sure you social distance. Take notes from Rovers marking of the opposition and you'll pick it up very quick!

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Just now, simongarnerisgod said:

im`e of the opinion at least bell can shift a bit,slow full backs are useless in the modern game and douglas is beyond slow

Does nothing when he gets there tho, just turns back half the time.

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Interested to see how Evans and trybull play, bell can't be worse than Douglas... Or is my memory playing games. Dack and Travis have been shadows of their former selves recently. Come on Rovers, let's have a decent performance please!! 🙏

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3 minutes ago, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

Too soon. 

Thanks lads. I needed a laugh tonight. 52 years I’ve supported the Rovers and I didn’t actually know we were playing tonight until a few minutes ago. 

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