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    Somewhere on a Reading forum, member MercerRoyal is saying:- "You'd think we were playing the Northern Real Madrid listening to you lot. We are playing a team who are only 3 points for in front of us because they beat a piss poor Millwall side at home They only drew with Cardiff, who we played off the pitch, and have had a shocking away record every season they've been in this league recently. If we can't beat this team, managed by a football dinosaur, then it's time to knock the Madjeski down and build a skate park on it. I'm going for a 3-0 win and will be toasting my winnings with a nice bottle of red come Saturday evening."
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    Just caught up with this. On paper this is a brilliant bit of business fair play to TM and crew.
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    What a crazy week its been for Rovers, picked up a decent result against Millwall, picked up a cheeky wee signing in Lewis Holtby and now to wrap it up on the weekend against Reading. Build up starts here… Be sure to check out some fan input: Reading fan – The Mexican Rover –
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    Im impressed with his first interview, seems to be a decent lad and genuinely looks excited. Lets see how he settles, hopefully him and Dack can form a decent midfield partnership. Johnson and Travis to add the steel also. just hope our strikers can find their scoring boots.
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    Never heard of him but liking what I’m hearing. If what Mowbray says is true that the Recruiting dept raised his name during the window, it shows to be what a nightmare it must be juggling transfer priorities. I can well imagine the last minute push for Reed was a reaction to them deciding they weren’t going to get this guy. Reed doesn’t come, then this guy turns down other offers, now he’s ours and no-one is saying “Wish we had Reed instead.” I make that six first-teamers now signed since last season. The one thing we won’t be doing is treading water.
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    We can't possibly keep all the mid-fielders we've got so let's hope we lose the right ones! However, a bit of class is what we lack and this signing is what we need.
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    Wow they have their very own Mercer how funny is that. Oh wait, you made it up? Hey I just woke up.
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    Potential too be signing of the season in the Championship, if we can get this lad back near his best we will have a player on our hands. Really excited about this. Welcome Lewis 👍🏻
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    Our stadium manager, matchday police and whoever else involved don't seem to want that it makes a dozy lazy day at Ewood hardwork they don't want shaking out of their slumber by home and away fans shouting at each other over a fence, block of seats and netting, it's all part of the match day experience at most grounds but not the trailblazers at Ewood. Seems they'd much rather alienate a few hundred into not coming at all.
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    He seems to have done a decent amount of research on the clubs personnel and history. It was a very impressive first interview without the usual cliches, and as good as any I can recall by a new signing. Let’s hope he’s just as impressive in a blue and white shirt.
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    Mowbray seems genuinely delighted and surprised we have signed him.....which means either a) Venkys have gone big on his wages/sign on fee b) he is taking a hit to join a club where he's wanted and sees some opportunity In either scenario it's great to sign a player with some pedigree that has generated excitement amongst the fanbase. Fans of other clubs are also overwhelmingly jealous! Brilliant!
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    I always thought he was decent at spurs and that level is more than good enough for us. Has said all the right things. Seems to have matured and turned into a true pro. Hopefully he could be a good influence on our squad. I sometimes fear that we have a bit of a wide boy culture, so adding a serious pro with a good pedigree could be just what we need.
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    Complaining that we have too much competition in midfield. I long for the days of Akpan and Guthrie.
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    As long as he improves / adds, to the team I don't care who is dropped.
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    Well done, The Mexican Rover
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    Lewis Holtby woahhh Lewis Holtby woahhh he comes from Germany, we signed him on a free
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    Jim Steinman - Bad For Good
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    Rovers' win by two goal margin. What's the doubt? We are playing a team in 17th place, 3 points behind us and who've lost their last two games. Keep saying it but reading posts on here would make you think we are playing Barca, City and Liverpool rolled into one! For fecks sake, if we can't go to Reading with confidence and come away with something then it's time a supermarket was built on Ewood.
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    Hopefully that is kind of the point. 😂
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    Lots of good ideas in this post, as well as the thread as a whole (the discount on loyalty I particularly liked - 5% in year 2 etc.) Just goes to show the boys in the job really don’t have a clue. Just pick up their handsome salary with no affiliation to the club at all and in the grand scheme are doing absolutely nothing to engage fans (it’s their bloody job!)
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    Keep your facts to yourself 😂
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    The type of player worth paying for. Other players will see him play for us and be more inclined to join. Quality attracts quality. Need to offload Smallwood now in January.
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    When we got relegated the season ticket price stayed the same despite an awful season and I don't think the sales suffered too much. After promotion the prices went up by around 18%and sparked some real debate about the justification for it. From a club point of view it was naive in the extreme and Waggott and Co tried to justify by saying we were in the Championship. They simply didn't cash in on the feel good factor after promotion and on the back of a sell out against Oxford. I think Waggott completely misjudged the local people and instead of speaking to supporters about how attendances can be improved he went ahead with a significant and unjustified increase. There have been lots of good ideas on the various attendance threads which Waggott would do well to read and cherry pick the more practical and workable ones. I find it ironic that we got slapped with a large increase whilst the people who decided on that increase don't pay for their attendance. In fact the likes of Waggott and Cheston will more than likely be wined and dined too.
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    The type of game you win if you are serious about a top 6 finish.
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    But the counter argument is that Johnson has been fundamental to the recent clean sheets as he screens the central defenders better than any other player. I have been happy with the Johnson/Travis pairing so far and collectively and individually they are light years ahead of any other central midfielders.

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