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[Archived] Who should replace TM?


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Just now, J*B said:

With this squad, in this league, with our budget, with fans needing to be onside, there is only one man for the job. And he’s my Turkish Delight. 

What is Hakan Unsall up to these days?

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6 minutes ago, Clitherover said:

Who is available and who'd take the job?

Not this again! You advertise the job, you find out the answer to that, you interview and you give the job to the best candidate.

A process that never happens with Venkys.

A decent Manager with a lower league pedigree would be salivating at the chance to turn our squad into a team.

Failing all that, Johnson is probably a better gamble than most. But a gamble nevertheless.

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Just now, Dunnfc said:

Neal Ardley. Bright young English at Wimbledon. Done wonders on buttons a promotion to L1, fitness orientated and was impressed how he seems to always mention and set up against teams he's researched beforehand.

Way too sensible, & I doubt Pasha's even heard of him.

It will be someone Pasha's heard of who did something of note around a decade ago, then had years of failure.

I said it in the Summer, young and hungry is what's needed in this division, so I would have to disagree about Keane.

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The Lincoln Cowley managers / brothers, especially as unlike our recent dross managers they have managed a team that has beaten Burnley!

Hungry, motivated and professional, oh and upcoming.  With our budget and youth potential it would be an exciting step up for them.

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