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January transfer window 2020

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18 minutes ago, DeeCee said:

Goalkeeper, left back, right back, centre half please.

Plus two wingers and a striker who can replace Graham.

Other than that, we are pretty close to having the team we need.

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The shopping list should be pretty much the same as its been for the past 3 years which says a lot.

Are defenders coming this time ?  Or the experienced commanding keeper ?

I'll confidently take a punt right now and say we'll sign no one ?

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i could just copy/paste my wishlist from the past 4 windows really (apart from GK as thats new).

CB x 2 (Tosin will be gone)

RB (Not since Salgado have we had one that is good enough)


But now, we also need a GK and a striker to replace DG. IF he played them, wingers might be an idea as well.

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We get new players but we don't actually improve much if at all.

Disorganised defence, strikers who can't score,players out of position, middle of the table at best forever,

Nothing will change with this manager whatever players he has at his disposal so next Transfer Window is not worth worrying about to me, it'll be the same as all the rest.

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Just now, Herbie6590 said:

Too early...waaaay too early...?

It certainly is for us but I sincerely hope Mowbray and his scouting team are looking at players who will strengthen us. Going off previous comments though (he has said January is a difficult month to do business) I doubt it.

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If Cunningham can maintain the form shown from his first few matches I'd get him in permanent in January. Along with defensive cover across all positions and a experienced keeper. Like most other posts what we've needed for last few years so wouldn't hold my breath. 

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11 hours ago, joey_big_nose said:

Reckon despite clearly needing a few better defenders, the first month of the season has shown our main problems are up front.

I guess if you drag your feet about solving problems, they remain unsorted, as others will emerge..especially if the whole approach is part scattergun and part recruiting for "investment", as opposed to the here and now requirements of the team on the field.

Going nowhere fast!

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A goalkeeper we own

A RB who can play RB and goes straight in the first 11

sign Cunningham on a permanent

a proper CB

a winger that is a a winger , can cross and starts

a striker that can score.

Gladwin, hart, samuel, Evans, Smallwood out the door

brereton loaned somewhere.

quite the list. That’s what we actually need. I don’t expect to sign anyone except maybe Cunningham and a loan. I’d take two off that list now and sort the rest in the summer but we all know the list will be longer come the end of the summer window

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We still need a striker to replace Graham long term. £15 mill spend and we've still not managed it. 

An experienced keeper who is ours

At least 1 centre back and a RB if Nayambe is exiled

A right winger 


None of these will happen. Our glut of mistakes up front need to be shoehorned in on the right wing, whilst Bennett will be shoehorned in to the RB position come what may. TM simply cannot buy another striker as even Venkys would ask questions so can't see that happening and we haven't signed a proper hard as nails centre back yet despite a shortage for years. (Although we're happy to convert people to play there.) As for a keeper of we didn't get one when Raya had gone, there's no way we'll get one whilst Walton is in the building. 

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  • Backroom

Right back and centre back are absolutely imperative for January. I'd say a decent backup GK and LB as well as if either Walton or Cunningham get injured we are stuffed.

In an ideal would we'd be looking at an extra right and left mid and a decent striker too, but Mowbray will see plenty of options there - albeit most of the wide men actually being strikers. Can't imagine Venky's sanctioning much more cash being spent on a striker when we've spent £12m over the past two summers and are yet to see a return. Early days yet for Gallagher granted, but good luck on getting a return on that if he's stuck out on the right side contesting 'aerial duels' as opposed to scoring goals. 

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