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Souness on Rovers

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10 minutes ago, Displaced Rover said:

Take slight issue with him saying he left us in a good state. Playing Matteo in midfield and having just signed Javier de Pedro...

That said, he did a great job on the whole and I'd bite your hand off to have a manager like him in charge right now.

Yeah we weren’t looking too good when he left.

He was right about Cole and Yorke. I remember watching them playing in a early season game on a very hot day, they did absolutely nothing. One centre half could have easily marked the pair of them. Kevin Phillips was playing up front for the opposition and he ran his blood to water that day in a similar role.

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3 minutes ago, A Northern Horde... said:

So many happy memories under his tenure...promotion,Cardiff and playing in Europe.I hope you realise you were very much liked at Ewood on the whole by the fans Greame. 

Christ,we have fallen off a fookin Mountain.


It really hit home after listening to that. The anecdote about Souness and Williams disagreeing because both wanted the best for the club.

Stories about old pros leading the dressing room.

He’s not wrong on Dunny either, he should have listened.

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I find listening to the likes of Souness, Hughes, figures from the 90s etc quite difficult to listen to. As I do watching old clips and matches. It just brings home to me what has been thrown away.

Of course, the nefarious characters of the past decade ‘can’t take your memories’ and it’s only myself that I’m denying, but there you go.

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Great listen, proper club, run and managed by proper footballing people.

I remember being absolutely chuffed to bits when we signed Cole, it didn’t work out wonderfully well, but that goal in Cardiff more than makes up for it. 

Talk about a manager past his sell by date though, he lost the plot towards the end, I bet John Williams couldn’t believe his luck when the Geordies came knocking 😆

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I think my memories of the Souness era eclipse those of the Hughes days.

I think there's an argument that in terms of backing and finances Hughes did as good as if not better job in results on what Souness did. By the time Hughes was in charge the last of the Walker cash was drying up whereas Souness did get some decent backing for people coming in.

But I think the memories of winning promotion, winning a cup at Cardiff, and then on the final day the following year smashing Spurs away to move into the top 6, take some beating. It was always fun and entertaining and felt like we could beat anyone on our day.

It is quite depressing thinking about it and then facing up to the reality of where we are now with this sham outfit incharge.

The days of having a proper and quality manager, strong team behind him, proper board of directors. Just listening to him talking about John Williams meeting up 3 or 4 times a week to have it out with him. Great stuff and how a proper club should operate. Not the slippery charlatans we have now.

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Cole was superb for us he had the same sulks all through his career wherever he was. Certainly helped a young Duff no end but i think Soueys biggest mistake was stroking his own ego trying to pair him up with Yorke again.

That never worked although Yorke was still quality but they didn't gel here and just strolled around like the big I ams.  He should have know that would happen though.

Still, it was a glorious problem to have though !

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6 hours ago, jim mk2 said:

He knows the game inside out. With a clean slate, I'd have him back as an overall MD. 


Wouldn't be the worst shout in the world, there'd have to be a stipulation in his contract that he couldn't sign any players from Willie bleedin' Mackay's stable though! (If he's still an agent).

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Mowbray saw positives in our defeat to Morecombe - could this be the most cliché manager of all time just going through the fckin cliché motions?

A proper manager is pissed right off and makes that clear to staff, players, and fans!

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