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    I do love Chris Sutton; Chris Sutton‏Verified account @chris_sutton73 11h11 hours ago Thanks to Burnley supporters for all the kind words tonight....thoroughly enjoyed being back in the North West where I had lovely memories of winning the Premier League with Blackburn Rovers
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    Back to Armstrong... We're potentially signing a 21 year old striker with junior England honours for under £3 million. He has a track record of scoring regularly in League 1 but hasn't yet proved himself in the Championship for whatever reason (Barnsley - Lack of consistency, Bolton - Out of position). He's an absolute steal for us and will only get better.
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    Imagine if we were selling a player who is 21, has a cracking England youth record, scored 20 goals in a season in League 1 as an 18 year old and scored 9 in 21 for us from the wing last season for £2m+1m, there’d be uproar and rightly so. Cracking signing.
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    I don't know but that kit is 100% better than the new kit.
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    please tell me that was a joke!
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    Probably best not to start trying to be too smug until he's signed on the dotted line....
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    Platt from the u23's has just signed for Stanley on season long loan. He has got a better move than Wharton. make Whaton's move more strange, should be playing L1
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    If someone could paraphrase what's in the article I can't bring myself to go onto the Sun website
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    Managed to speak with an Ipswich Town fan about the build up to the match, he has concerns about the team trying to adapt to the new style of play new manager Hurst is trying to implement. I am optimistic we can get something from the match, however I cant remember the last time we won a match on the opening day of the season. 1-1 for me.
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    I'll make a prediction that Rich Sharpe will say something like 'i'll look into it' or 'i'll check on that one' and then come back and says that Armstrong remains on Rovers' radar but a move isn't imminent.
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    Currently on holiday in Majorca. Just walked into a sports bar and bizarrely seen that this game is being screened live. Posters up advertising it. It's the only game being shown.
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    Great listen Ian, enjoyed it at lot - you're a great host but you need to be more positive! Changed your mind any with the news that we've most likely got Armstrong over the line?
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    £3 million eh. A lot on here said we wouldn't spend more than £1 million on a player. Cracking signing and a real positive sign of intent.
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    You just know that Nicko's come back would be 'things can change very quickly in football' or some vague nonsense like that. Then you'd still get gullible gimps eating out of the palm of his hand on Twitter.
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    I wish we'd made the same decision in 16/17 tbh. Lowe being named as Captain made an already shit situation even worse.
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    Please don't ask him. I don't want to hear it all again, it's boring. Can you take it to PMs, pretty please?
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    Remember JB 's post? Armstrong, Palmer and Gallagher + a defender? Almost there.
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    I'll have whatever you're smoking...
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    Always liked Graham Fenton
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    Does that mean we have signed (hopefully), a stringer?
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    Don't forget that Sheffield Utd. And Millwall coped just fine straight after promotion and our squad is as good, if not better than theirs. To be honest, I'm greedy and I want promotion again asap. Just staying up isn't good enough so I'm with you, the higher the calibre of signing, the better.
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    It’s got 1-1 written all over it, so I’ll go for a 1-2 Rovers win 🙂
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    Maddison and Nmecha now please.

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