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Happy Kean Out Day

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I wish I could forget him.

We celebrated his departure a lot lot more than the league one promotion that’s for sure. Think it was a Friday had no plans to go out but we decided it was a significant event to celebrate. After a few we were buying in bottles of champagne (none of us like it), came across a few random rovers fans never seen before or since who also went out to mark the occasion.

Sure we played in London the following day or the day after so went down on the crest of a wave. Can’t remember the oppo or score but didn’t win if memory serves.

Before Kean when I said I hated people in hindsight I didn’t actually know what hate was. Since Kean he’s raised the bar for the title of “hated”. 

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12 minutes ago, Mattyblue said:

As I said the other week, look how quickly Garry Monk has ended up back in the game, yet that disgrace of a man hasn’t even had a sniff of a coaching job in the UK in 7 years, says it all.

Plenty of people in the English football fraternity coming out to defend him and his "dignity" whilst he was here - nobody offering him any hint of a job once he was unemployed. 

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What transpired was clearly wrong on all levels but most of the Media chose to back him instead of the fans who were openly ridiculed and made to look the Villains.We were humiliated.

Never experienced anything like it before or since and it still bothers me to this day what went on under his awful tenure.

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