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One question for Tomasson

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25 minutes ago, chaddyrovers said:

well, if JDT and Rovers didn't rate him then they would haven't given him a new contract, would they? 

But that implies that Tomasson and Broughton have impeccable judgement. 

Plus there is more to it, maybe they are trying to generate some value.

You seem to struggle to not align your opinion directly with that of those in the club.

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I'd like to know why Adam Wharton wasn't selected, even for the bench.

I know he's a 60 minute man at the moment, but he could have provided something different to the team - he's our best CM. 

Was it a look to the future - i.e. he has England internationals to play during the World Cup break, or did he think he'd be overawed by the occasion as someone with so little senior playing time?

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6 hours ago, roversfan99 said:

He said "we." Who pushed, was it Broughton was it Tomasson. The signing of Hirst and the pushing of Vale into regular first team minutes could suggest that playing ability as a striker does not necessarily translate to utilising one as a manager.

He also said "Rovers fans should look forward to seeing a striker with a goal threat, good link-up play, the ability to press from the front and an ideal mentality for our environment."

The rumour was that Tomasson wanted a more experienced forward as well as Hirst.

And also that Szmodics was something like third choice.

Anel Ahmedhodzic was his first choice defender.

If true he can't be happy with what Broughton delivered, Hyam aside.

Tomasson seems to have an eye for a player so I can't see Hirst being his first choice striker.

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8 hours ago, chaddyrovers said:

haven't Gregg Broughton and JDT already answered this question. 

Not in a satisfactory manner, no. He's been crap. Saying I hope he gets better isn't a defence, it's an admission he's been crap. And it's not based on anything. I could now hope for a career as a footballer - no basis in fact. Hirst coming good is only marginally more likely. 


Ahem my question is why do you repeatedly persist with plan A when we go behind and it clearly isn't working?

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8 minutes ago, roversfan99 said:

He can't just go on taking the flak indefinitely months after leaving.

Indefinitely or months? It can't be both.

He can't take flak indefinitely I agree but it's going to take some time to get the ghost of Tony Mowbray out of the club.

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