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I’m sorry Paul, but it really has bewildered me that running Blackburn Rovers sensibly has been made to look as arduous as sewing in sparring mitts, but that is how it has been presented throughout th

I certainly don't claim to be 'ITK' at all but shortly after the final whistle yesterday I received a text from someone extremely close to the club - not the playing or coaching side - who doesn't nor

The trouble is, this is a well-trodden route in the Copybook of Tony Mowbray. A week back, prior to Cardiff and following the utterly woeful and woebegone showings against Wigan and Barnsley, we neede

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I think Mowbray has given up. It shows through the players and his recent interviews and touchline demeanour.

A couple of weeks ago, the play-offs were in our hands. We're now as close to relegation as we are to the play-offs. The performances in the last five games have been alarming, and certainly those of a manager on the brink.

He was a big part of the club not spiralling into oblivion after the Coyle debacle, but four years on without much progress in the last three of those should tell us all that it's time to move on.

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There can be no more excuses he has to be sacked or he walks. It is clear the players have lost respect for him, too many are being played out of position, formation wise no one knows where the hell they are supposed to be and defensively we are absolutely terrible.

Thank you and good bye

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Come on Tony, give us a break now this is dire and you know it. You can't organise the team, you've clearly forgotten everyone's best position and we're now down to 15th. Who knows where we'd be without that bright start.

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We could be a lot better, especially if we played players in their correct positions.

But we don’t, so we aren’t. 

All of this is on the manager. It’s time that he cleared off, whether by walking away or being removed of his duties. I don’t care which at this point.

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Performance manager - lose 0-1, 1-2, 2-3 he's happy because they aren't wallopings and he can roll out some faux stats about touches in the box.

Development manager - lose but happy a few kids have got another few mins and Everton and City will send him some biscuits for playing their kids.

We can see what he's trying to do here, progress isn't it.

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If Mowbray doesn't walk, he and his mates have to be fired. I don't see us winning another game under Mowbray and co. Without fans around the ground, it's not possible to determine just how toxid things really are.

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Just now, davulsukur said:

Depressing but not surprising that he's going no where.

Honestly, I don't believe he'll get us a win against Coventry.

Potentially could start to get dragged into it.

I made the point at the start of this latest death spiral that a couple of wins for a couple of clubs in the bottom 4 and we'd be in serious trouble. Luckily it hasn't happened yet but with our fixtures in March looking fairly dreadful we need to beat Coventry. 

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This bollux about being on a "slow build" or "on a journey" is unravelling at a rapid rate of knots isn't it?

TM averaging less points per game after  seven transfer windows than he was during his 15 games with Coyle's squad.

After a further £40 m worth of losses and umpteen millions spent on transfers loans and wages we're in exactly the same position as we were after our first season back in the Championship.

Massively reliant on certain key  players with contracts running down who seemingly won't sign new deals.

Massively over-reliant on loanees, who in general are no better than what we had in the first place.

Where's "the journey" going to end up I wonder?

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Seems clear to me that Mowbray was told a while ago it’s playoffs or bust. So he gambled on two young centre backs hoping for two more of Elliott’s standard, and then he gambled on bringing Travis and Dack back as soon as the bandages were off.

The gambled have failed, he has bombs going off all around him and he’s now shell shocked: no cards left to play, can’t think straight. A broken man. 

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