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Bristol City (H) - Saturday 20th June - 3pm KO

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11 minutes ago, Dan said:

We need to score. This is following the pattern of many matches with Gallagher playing that we have lots of possession and look dangerous, don’t score and get punished. 

Why no Armstrong? I already want Gallagher to be swapped for him and we’re only 20 minutes in. 

As I was saying... :( Get Gallagher off. Waste of a shirt. 

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Love this version of Brereton 

The old badly advised excuse rears it's head again. There is a letter in circulation signed by John Williams, Tom Finn and Martin Goodman which was sent to them telling them exactly what was happening

Gutted for Brereton not getting the goal he deserved. He definitely wasn’t the only player to slip though. 

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Just seen the goal on Soccer Saturday. No pressure on the ball out wide, free header in between our centre halves and marzipan wrists from the keeper. Shocking all round defensively.

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Just now, Stuart said:

We’ve no threat at the other end of the pitch without Armstrong so Bristol can go forward Witt a bit of confidence. I bet they were delighted at our starting line up.

I mean, if we're honest, we have a terrible collection of talent. 

That's entirely down to Mowbray of course, but good lord it's hard to pick out any bright spots. 

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Just now, philipl said:

Walton awful for that goal.

im`e showing my age here,walton is a carbon copy of john butcher,does some fine saves but you just know a mistake is coming,send  him back to brighton and get a reliable keeper mowbray,he`s cost us loads of points this season

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3 minutes ago, CD_93 said:

We don't win from behind.

I said I wouldn't make predictions before kick off. Who would predict an Evans goal to give us level.

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