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Just now, Sparks Rover said:

Dack is a chubster

Giving Dack a new contract before knowing if he was ever going to be able to play at a decent level again could be one of the worst decisions this lot have made, however popular that decision was.

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I don't enjoy this. I don't want to dislike Mowbray, I don't want to see him erode the good work and respect he has built up. If the owners and their representatives had any interest or decency they w

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20 minutes ago, yoda's brother said:

got to keep his possession  stats up

We will win in the end we have 65%of the ball.
It will end 3-1 possession wins matches.

20 minutes ago, davulsukur said:

Can't remember ever under Mowbray starting the second half with any real urgency or desire to get back into the game or try and win it.

Do you blame them?

TM - half time chat.

I work hard lads, I've been here since 7am and now I'm doing overtime because you lot want to play a match. I don't even get time and a half, you lot need to work as hard as me. I only see my family 2 days a week and you lot can't even run...... And on...

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28 minutes ago, Wing Wizard Windy Miller said:


I'd say that goal was just a symptom of the system we are set up to play.  There was no movement for him so back he goes.  It could have been any of our midfielders getting their pockets picked heading back towards our goal.   


Worse than the goal though was watching us go from the edge of their area 3-4m from the byline and play it all the way back to our box.


Absoloutely appalling.

Mowbray out.

Like we’re run by a center back that’s never known what do do up there 

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2 minutes ago, RTM08 said:

How can Tony watch this guff week in and week out and then have the cheek to say we're playing well? It boggles the mind.

The thought that's kept going through my mind this weekend is that, if Quality Control in the main part of our owners' 'Empire' is as abysmal as it is in our part, thank goodness I don't eat their chickens!

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Just now, Angry_Pirate said:

Seeing 3 players standing over a free kick as we have only 4 in the box, really fucks me off.

It was never going in either.  Pair of blaggers.

Edited by Sparks Rover
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Just now, Dorfmund said:

Listening to Keith Andrews makes me ill

It's what ISIS used for torture purposes, coupled with watching Rovers play and match sticks holding the eyes open.

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