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I’m sorry Paul, but it really has bewildered me that running Blackburn Rovers sensibly has been made to look as arduous as sewing in sparring mitts, but that is how it has been presented throughout th

I certainly don't claim to be 'ITK' at all but shortly after the final whistle yesterday I received a text from someone extremely close to the club - not the playing or coaching side - who doesn't nor

The trouble is, this is a well-trodden route in the Copybook of Tony Mowbray. A week back, prior to Cardiff and following the utterly woeful and woebegone showings against Wigan and Barnsley, we neede

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1 minute ago, Meesh said:

@den Odd, I don't think that quote was from me? Not sure where that's come from!

It was from a quote that you quoted. It showed up under your name.

Sorry about that.

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11 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

“If you were in their position you’d be doing the same, or may be you wouldn’t. Maybe you’d be a results orientated owner who, ‘lose three on the bounce, sack him and get the next one in’ but then you might have four, five, six managers a season if that was the case"

This is getting ridiculous now. 1 win in 14. No other owners in the country wouldn't have sacked him by now. 

Annoying, irritating man 

Yeah good argument there from Tony. It would be daft to sack a manager if they sacked a manager for losing three on the bounce. 

But how about six on the bounce? Or with one win in 14? I mean as a defence it would be good if those were the options but they're not whatsoever the two alternatives we are facing. Surprised - well I am not - that no one called him out on this as his defence is utterly at odds with reality and the situation. 

He can do one. Second worse manager behind Kean now imo. Ince and Coyle were useless but less objectionable. 


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3 minutes ago, AllRoverAsia said:

Full credit to Sharpe for once as I'd have told the lying cowardly scumbag to go feck himself.

What a lowlife Mowbray is.

A shyster like his mates.


I would have preferred that response from Sharpe to be honest 

Edited by Bigdoggsteel
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9 minutes ago, windymiller7 said:

He's pissing himself laughing at us now as he knows his mate won't sack him, Pasha is a pussy, & the local press won't push anything too hard. The only way he'd get any grief would be from us in the ground and he knows that that's not an option we have. FWIW I think he'd cave under a barrage of abuse from the fans on a matchday.

I'm so angry, & feel so utterly helpless that it makes me even more angry.

(I've noticed Les isn't answering his phone today btw!)

Yes, he's a coward. With crowds in he'd have cried and run away just like he did at Coventry.

Probably stayed on to oversee Brockhall destruction though !



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6 minutes ago, den said:

It was from a quote that you quoted. It showed up under your name.

Sorry about that.

Quotes begetting quotes! What has happened to this site?! 😱

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So as long as the owners are enjoying the games and feel we are unlucky nothing else matters.  

Nothing sums up Venkys tenure as owners better than that.  Fans feelings really do not matter a jot.

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There's still something rotten going on at our club. The football is secondary to whatever that is, imo. No manager survives a run of 1 win in 14 at any other normal club. Mowbray's had poor runs before where we have fallen away dramatically yet nothing has been done about it. Results clearly don't matter to the owners, so what the heck actually does matter to them?

It was the same when the spiv and the crook were here. The owners allowed poor results and performances to go on and on until it resulted in relegation. Is it really the case that they keep on being fooled by these people to give them more time? They can't be that thick, surely.

We have a similar situation again now, where the manager seems unsackable, the club is in free fall, results are awful, yet the owners just let it go on. What the heck is really going on?

As for Mowbray, he can get stuffed. "We're all disappointed when results don't go our way". Really? You won't feel an ounce of what we feel on a weekly basis and what we have done for 10 years. Alarm bells should have started ringing with his "I'm a honest guy" routine. Anybody who has to keep on repeating that is trying to convince himself or somebody else for a reason.


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34 minutes ago, Riverside under the drip said:

We have always said that he'll never be as bad as Kean or Coyle and this has been taken as fact. I think it is time to actually compare.

Compared to Kean:

1. No drink-driving lies or agent interference (known that is).

2. Players with family connections signed who are objectively not good enough (Myles Anderson / Aynsley Pears).

3. Results of the team are now worse than at any point then.

4. Odd (ludicrous) statements in the press which seem to defy logic.

5. Mowbray does have a managerial record of some sorts before taking over.

So he's not quite as bad (from a criminal standpoint if nothing else) but it is far closer than you'd at first think.

Compared to Coyle:

1. Previous promotion (Coyle with Burnley, Mowbray with West Brom).

2. Tumbling down the league without any seeming halt.

3. No link to Burnley I suppose.

4. Promotion from League 1 (we cannot know if Coyle would have done the same or not).

I would say that he is on a par with Coyle for utter hopelessness but has the potential to get worse if he keeps up this arrogant 'journey' nonsense. Again, it's worrying how he seems to be in company with the worst managers in our history when you ignore emotion.

Look I am no fan of Coyle but strongly disagree Coyle is on a par with TM. TM is far worse than Coyle. Here's why:

1. Lies - both told them (Coyle knew some contract situations but not others) but TM has told way more. In fairness he has been here longer but his seem of a greater extent. Nayambe's injury situation for one is Kean-esque. As is the judge me on performances not results. Other things are reality defying which o can't recall Coyle doing, such as rewriting when Graham went out of the team. Verdict TM worse.

2. TM has insulted the fans far more. From blaming for Nayambe's injury to saying we won't be satisfied as we remember winning the premiership. Verdict TM worse. 

3. Corruption - Coyle getting the job as outstanding candidate. TM getting his mate as boss and the training ground fiasco. verdict TM far worse. 

4. Alienation of young players. Coyle did a bit with Warton and didn't use youngster enough. But TMs treatment of Raya and Nayambe has been shocking. TM worse again. 

5. Transfer duds. Stokes was pretty appalling but he didn't cost £7 or even £5 million. Expensive payoff and an utter flop but TM beats him for blowing all the budget on non scoring strikers. And that's before we get onto Walton or Ayala...

6. Past record. Tie - maybe Coyle slightly worse as failure everywhere bar Burnley, but the Celtic failure is pretty huge. Perhaps Coyle edges this one. 

7. Coyle had his best players sold. TM hasn't had to have anyone sold who he didn't want to. TM has had £15 million to spend. I think Coyle had £250k to spend. Verdict TM way worse. 

8. Additional cock ups. Coyle wins for the Duffy fiasco, not taking him off, dropping him, disciplining him for throwing the Cardiff game. Coyle worse. 

9. Best team - neither really knew this whatsoever but given 4 years to clock this I would say this is a bigger failing in TM. Also Could never played Gally at right back. TM worse.


So overall TM has been worse. More lies, more corruption, more incompetence. Not that this is an endorsement of Coyle. He was utterly crap too. But less crooked and in much more challenging circumstances. 


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3 minutes ago, RoversClitheroe said:

Personally think it's pointless.

Paying for Ads in Ewood would be a lot better.

There not going to put a mowbray out ad going around Ewood are they??

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4 minutes ago, callumrovers said:

There not going to put a mowbray out ad going around Ewood are they??

Definitely not, but I wonder if an away club would? Probably not, but you never know.

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