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Blackburn v Doncaster, FA Cup, Sat 9th Jan

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Well a full house on the Mowbray bingo. A textbook Mowbray performance with just about every ingredient on display today.  - Bright(ish) start to the game for the first 10-15 minutes but alas no

It was always going to be tough against a side like Doncaster. We did well to stay in it for as long as we did and make a contest of it. Donny have to be one of the favourites for this competitio

Beaten by a better coached and organised team, who played some nice stuff on the counter and thoroughly deserved their win.  The goalkeeper isn't good enough, terrible from Mowbray to spend money

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Just now, Stuart said:

Pears to blame for that goal I’m afraid.

He should have saved it no doubt about that but he can’t solely be blamed when there man has just been allowed to run the length of the River Thames unchallenged. 

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9 minutes ago, Exiled_Rover said:

Dolan needs to release the ball earlier - he wants too many touches.

Downing slows everything down - like he did last year. He retains possession, yes, but he allows the other team to get into their defensive shape. 

Nobody fucking moves for him to release the ball earlier.

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1 minute ago, EgyptianPete said:

And four players stand back to let them score total rubbish again, and is that a goalkeeper ahh NO

Nothing wrong with the back 4 there, they kept their shape.

The fact we've got 3 sitting CMs and their player was running free at the back 4 (with said 3 CMs all in picture jogging back) says everything about Mowbray as a tactical genius and man manager. 

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The lad never looked confident shooting but we just backed off and backed off till he had no option!

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Just now, joey_big_nose said:

Terrible keeping from Pears. Also Johnson showed his lack of experience in the role standing off.

Terrible state of the pitch very frustrating.

Where's Holtby?

I would hope that Johnson would know to go to the man at this stage of his , highly successful, career. Whether he plays centre half regularly, or not. 

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1 hour ago, JoeH said:

Pears/Kaminski conspiracy theories are laughable.

Yep. The truth is that Mowbray and his staff have just been a bad judge when it comes to spending our budget on some players, and  he repeatedly gives players chances to the detriment of the team to try and justify the money spent on them.


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Just now, davulsukur said:

Pears, terrible.

Donny have been abysmal as well. Why did we just back off and let him shoot?

Becuase we can't defend, and never will be able to under this manager. We can't even keep a clean sheet against a League One team. It's death by a thousand cuts, and sadly I get the feeling we've only had about five hundred so far.

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Whats with the pitch? TM has said that we are moving towards a more attacking style of play and we have some decent technical players. Yet this pitch is what we are offering our players? WTF.

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Out the f**king cup we go... at this rate, anyway.

We've never got the hang of playing Dack as a False 9 and still we persist. At least it's minutes.


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4 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

I wouldn't go that far til there is some end product. He's doing ok though 

To each their own, but I honestly think you're blind to it. Makes things happen nearly every time he is on the pitch.

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