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Total and complete half-hearted, embarrassment of a performance. Pointless and punchless possession as usual. Somebody fire him for gods sake. 

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Funny all these plastic fans being outraged at super league, try supporting Blackburn last 12 years if you want to feel angry towards your own club 

Not just on Wednesdays, he can fuck off every day from Sunday to Friday and twice on Saturdays  

He's an arsehole that's what he is, a very very lucky one, to have such idiots filling his bank account every month. Whilst he sits there insulting fans intelligence and dragging moral into the dirt b

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This is all so much failure. We have a crap product, rendered so by TM’s madcap  leadership. The players deserve better, maybe that’s why it appears there is some dissatisfaction today. Wycombe, now Wednesday, I’m too sick at heart to think about this anymore. 

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5 minutes ago, Don Said said:

Beyond pathetic. It’s hard to watch.

Same old shit. No attempt to change things. It’s negligent.

Mowbray Out.


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Watching the fans of the greedy 6 protesting outside the ground with banners....can rovers fans do similar over Mowbray? 

I'd say Venkys but we're so in debt they could literally liquidate us  😞

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Mowbray seems to have lost his ability to get the team going again in terms of results after a death spiral. We win or draw a couple then go straight back to losing. His race is completely run now. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities left. 

Which means he'll probably still be here for the first game of the 21/22 season.

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