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Good or bad Friday depending on the result

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10 minutes ago, Exiled_Rover said:

Elliot has regressed massively. He's been shite since Christmas.

He has totally lost interest playing for a lower mid table championship club. I bet he was sold the journey when he signed and would have been expecting to be chasing promotion atm. 

He like many others have downed tools. 

This is just unacceptable and a sacable offence our performances and results are just not good enough. 

I've a feeling this was a last roll of the dice season. Sacking Mowbray won't change a thing. Dark days ahead. STC (sold) Armstrong (sold) Nyambe gone. Kaminski will probably have interest.

Fasten your seat belts coz this is gonna be one long depressing summer 

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2 minutes ago, davulsukur said:


How the hell has he still got a job?

Football is secondary at the minute. Owners just keeping people, who can manage a land sale and negotiate with builders. Not to mention keeping spouting bollocks to keep some fans hoodwinked. 

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Just now, WacoRover said:

Even without Travis, Dack & Arma, I expected better. Then I remembered, Mowbray is still in charge. 

Terrible showing today 

Don't put the excuses in his mouth, that'll no doubt be held up as the reason for todays shambles anyway.

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23 minutes ago, TheRoversReturn said:

I keep staring at the screen while running "I paid for this shite. I paid for this shite. I paid for this shite" through my head on a rather strange time loop so that I can, somehow, try and get some value for my money. Hence, I also remember...

- Getting caught offside numerous times due to the sheer incompetence of the player not bothering to look down the line and time their run (Gally a few times, but Ben beat him for "Most Brainless Offside" at one stage).

- Our specialist right back, Ryan Nyambe, coming on at right back when our non-specialist right back, Joe Rankin-Costello, went off injured.

- Our Tony being sat down for the full forty-five minutes, but at least he managed to hold his head in his hands a fair few times to prove to the cameras he hasn't fallen asleep this time. All this taking place while Ainsworth has been stood on the touchline, being a presence. The Wanderers bench has been noticeably vocal on numerous occasions, whereas there hasn't been a peep out of ours.

So anyway, all told you've not been missing much...

Oh FFS and now we're losing. Typical Tony Half time Pep Talk!


Oh I have the game on. I'm just only actually watching about half of it.

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1 minute ago, Roverinbelfast said:

Sacking Mowbray won't change a thing. 

Disagree completely.

He's one of the worst managers we've ever had given the level of backing he's received.


We missed out not getting the Cowleys in though for me.

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If we are going to lose, which it very much looks like we are, I think I'd rather Wycombe bag another goal or two. Maybe, just maybe (I know, hope against hope) the penny will drop in Pune if we get tonked off a poor team likely to get relegated.

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10 minutes ago, davulsukur said:


How the hell has he still got a job?

Any manager in at any standard anywhere in the world would be facing the sack surely. Not our Tone bulletproof. 

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7 minutes ago, bluebruce said:

Aye we over-rotate for sure. But I was more getting at, the fact we do rotate so much should reduce the frequency of injuries we are getting. But even with the excessive rotation, somebody seems to get injured every game. Aside from whatever is happening in training, I also blame the way Mowbray doesn't wait for players to properly recover and thrusts them in too early, even when we have reasonable alternatives.

The main reason for rotation should be to manage fitness, but Tony will run someone into the ground, his rotation primarily happens due to thinking he has to tailor the whole team to the opposition we face. So it ends up not really helping prevent injuries.

I’m not sure rotation does protect from injuries. It may protect from fatigue but there’s a reason it’s called match fitness. Our players don’t get fully match fit because they are rotated out for rest (or more likely overthinking the tactics for specific opposition).

We don’t have a core style or approach let alone strengths. We adapt to accommodate other teams - sometimes far inferior teams - and then the excuses start. This is what poor managers do, Bowyer was exactly the same. He needs to set up a team with a defensive unit and then set up the rest of the team to get the best out of our lads. Not try to neutralise the opposition. Especially when we can’t even do that. Otherwise you end up regularly on the wrong side of narrow defeats and bemoan bad luck.

All not necessarily injury related but it becomes another part of the excuses as the injury room piles up as a result.

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...Yer man must be thick in the head to sign what he has and to play the systems he has....he must now have skin to match. How can any self respecting football man not realise how  of his depth he is ?? 
He’s embarrassing....but.....he’ll never be a burden to this club......as a man of honour, he said so ....well, I’m feeling that burden right now ....

Edited by Dolly blue
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