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3 minutes ago, Butty said:

Tony I respect you for what you’ve done in your time here, and it’s clear you’re a decent bloke but please, if you’re not going to get the boot then just walk before things turn really sour.  Time to go Tony.

He’s not a decent bloke though. Why do people make this assumption? The way he’s targeted players in the past, especially young ones doesn’t make me belief this. He knew he couldn’t take the club any further last season. He won’t leave until his mate sacks him. Which won’t happen until next seasons relegation/battle 😞 

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I know it’s been mentioned a few times, but I honestly think he really crossed a line last night when he made the comment: ’we are the team we are, with respect to Blackburn Rovers, we haven’t be

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The bottom line is that he was poor.  Caught badly out of position on the second and stood off and allowed the player to shoot for the first.  Neither Harwood-Bellis nor Branthwaite look convincing at

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3 minutes ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

They could be 3 up here. We’ve genuinely done nothing going forward whatsoever. All so predictable, all so repetitive. 

Only got to hope Blingy’s woken up with the sh*ts and stuck the TV on while it passes.

We could play all night and we still aren't scoring.

He's completely out of ideas.

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I’m changing my tune... I’m not against replacing mowbray, today, tomorrow, or sooner, if possible. Maybe a new mgr could maximize our talent (which isn’t bad), put out a formation that is recognizable football tactically, and generate some excitement.

No way this team should score 8 puny goals in the ten we’ve just played. 

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