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v Blackpool (a) - 2/10/21

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2 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

let us pray that venus demands to do the team shape for saturday and tony is locked in his dark tower of possesion,i fear he`ll escape and curse us with his demonic tactics,someone serve him some raw chicken for lunch

How can you possibly know that Venus is responsible for any good tactics and Mowbray solely for any bad ones?

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1 hour ago, Mike E said:

Courtesy of m1st!


This game's always a strange one for me. I was born in Blackpool to parents who moved there from Blackburn just before World War 2. Even though I lived there till I was about 25, there was, therefore, never any danger that I would grow up one of the tangerine persuasion.

However, while I don't have any strong anti-Blackpool feelings, they are, kind-of, my 'Burnley', if you know what I mean. And if you don't, you surely will by the end of the next section of this preview!


Their history:

Mike Jackman's History of the Rovers referred to a game played between the two clubs in 1880/81 season, but the present Blackpool club traces its origins to July 1887, when they were founded by a breakaway group from St. John's FC at a meeting chaired by a man called Samuel Bancroft. [Sorry; I haven't had the time to check whether he was related to William Bancroft, Chairman of this Great Club Of Ours in the last quarter of the last Century!]

In due course, most of the players from the St. John's team re-joined the breakaways and the new Blackpool team took shape from 1887 onwards, joining the Lancashire League. They spent most of the next few seasons near the top of that League and were eventually admitted to Division 2 of the Football League in 1896.

After only three seasons of League Football, they weren't re-elected to Division 2 after the 1898/99 season, which they spent back in the Lancashire League.

The following season the club merged with South Shore FC, who had been giant-killers, knocking out Notts County in the 1885/86 season - the one when we won the F.A Cup for the third consecutive season; just saying!

The merged club was elected to join the Football League, Division 2 in 1900 but remained in that Division for another 29 seasons - including of course, the two when we won the League title. In the season after we won the F.A. Cup for the then-record sixth time - yeah, that's right; just saying again! - and powered by some epic goalscoring by Jimmy Hampson, they finally joined us in Division One.

Pool's first experience of Division One was precarious; and after two seasons of finishing one place above the relegated teams, they slipped back down to Division Two at the end of the 1932/33 season. One season later, they were back in the top Division and indeed for the first time finished above us in the League table.

Two seasons after that, 1935-36, Rovers and Aston Villa became the last two of the original founder-members of the Football League to be relegated from the top division.

Rovers' first season in Division 2 proved to be Blackpool's last in that Division as they were promoted to Division 1 as runners-up to Leicester City. Both teams finished in the middle of their respective tables at the end of the 1936-37 season while the following season was also a fairly mediocre one both for the Rovers and the 'Pool in their different Divisions.

However, as the shadows of World War 2 lengthened, the 1938-39 season ended with Rovers as Champions of Division 2, looking forward to returning to what we on this Board would see as out rightful home!

War was declared the morning after the third game of that season and the table after those games showed Blackpool top of the League while Rovers were just above the relegation zone.

There were Wartime competitions until the 1945-46 season began after the hostilities had ended. Blackpool usually did fairly well in these leagues which I remember my Dad - a man born with blue eyes! - explaining to me in the 1950s was only because so many footballers were billeted near the Fylde Coast!

When League football resumed in the 1946-47 season, both teams were still in the First Division, but our paths diverged at the end of the following season when Rovers were relegated back to Division Two for ten seasons until 'Carey's chicks',as some of the media of the day called them, returned to the top Division.

Meanwhile, Blackpool had a golden era with three F.A. Cup Finals from 1947/48, culminating, of course, the famous 1953 Final in which Blackpool beat Bolton Wanderers 4-3 in the last minutes of the game. They also had four players in the England team which Hungary won 6-3 later in 1953. They were definitely THE Lancashire team in the 1950s.

So it wasn't good being a Rovers fan at school in Blackpool in this era! 'Pool were comfortable in Division One between the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s and finished in the top-6 in four separate seasons but never finished as Champions. Their best effort was to finish second to Manchester United in 1955/56. The following season Stanley Matthews had been named the first-ever winner of the Ballon d'Or.

We returned to Division One in 1958 and the two teams played each other in Division One until 1965/66 when we were relegated. 'Pool joined us the following season but adapted better to Division Two than we did and after three seasons at that level, returned to the top Division in 1969.

They only lasted one season at that level and in 1971 returned to Division Two to fill the vacancy our relegation to Division Three had created. They remained in Division Two until they, too, were relegated to Division Three at the end of the 1977/78 season.

Our paths diverged three seasons later when 'Pool went down to Division Four while Howard Kendall's Blue and White Army were consolidating the place back in Division Two which we'd won the previous season.

'Pool remained in Division Four for four seasons before returning to Divsion Three in the mid-1980s. As the 1990s dawned, they were owned by the infamous Owen Oyston and had sunk back into Division Four.

They were promoted from "the old Division Four" to Division Two of the English Football League - Division Three-really! - in 1992/93, as we became one of three clubs to be founder-members of both the Football League and the Premier League. Yes that's right, Just saying!

'Pool settled in the EFL's Division Two - which is now known as League One - and, with the exception of the 2000/01 season which they spent in the EFL Division Three (now rebranded as League Two) they remained there until 2007/08 season when they won promotion to the EFL Championship.

Two seasons later, they won promotion to the Premier League. They couldn't maintain their promising start to the 2010/11 season and slipped back to the Championship at the end of that season.

Two relegations in successive seasons saw Pool spend just the 2016/17 season in League Two before winning promotion from there to League One.

Under new ownership and management, they won promotion to the Championship via the play-offs at the end of last season.


Opponents' Opinion.

I've a number of friends who are of a similar age to myself who, if they aren't season ticket-holders at Bloomfield Road, certainly used to be when we were younger. I asked one of these 'lads' the following three questions:

Q1. Neil Critchley definitely cut the mustard as a League One boss last season, but can he hack it at the Championship level?

A. "His philosophy is to play football from the back, which is a refreshing change from previous managers.

"This approach has led to higher presses with players sometimes getting caught in possession. That said, he sticks by his principles. He's a track-suit hands-on manager, known from his Liverpool Youth team days, who targets younger recruits in whom he sees potential.

"So it's still early days, but confidence remains that he can get us moving in the right direction."

Q2. How do you think you're settling into the Championship?

A. "It's been a tough start all right, but Critchley doesn't panic and this conveys itself to the players.

"There have been some tough games so far but the effort the team's put in hasn't been reflected in the results and no-one's outplayed us. We've a team which has a mentality of keeping going to the end, so beware!

"There were some good transfer deadline deals which were especially needed as we've suffered with injuries.

"The reinforcements at the back look good, although we're perhaps missing some midfield flair. The forward line's good and we're expecting further improvements as players adjust to their new environment."

Q3. Who should we watch out for danger men among your squad?

A. "Up front, Jerry Yates. He's a tireless and ever so confident striker alongside recently-signed N. Ireland international, Shayne Lavery, who's quickly adapting to life in the EFL.

"Watch out also for Josh Bowler and C.J. Hamilton who are both wide midfield creators."


League Form:

It's difficult to offer a prediction on the result, and not just because, until these last two games, neither team had met the same opponent yet this season.

Pool's steadily-improving home record from a sluggish start is 2-0-3, while our away record is 1-3-0.

Given that we're away, you'd expect us to go for a draw. However, we're also playing a team which is below us, so you'd hope we'd go for a win. Preferably one of Cardiff proportions!

Now that's a preview 👍

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Nyambe, Lenihan and Rothwell probably out for Saturday, I'm guessing this is the start of the inevitable Mowbray "1 win in 10" run.

Usually I would think I'm being a bit dramatic basing it on one game but ive seen enough of Mowbray to know what comes next.

Blackpool 2 Rovers 0

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Another defeat I reckon. Weak in defence and weak in imagination from Mowbray.

This is what happens when the manager doesn't get rid of players clearly not up to it like Magloire, loans injured players like Van Hecke (saying he's not worried about depth), along with signing more youngsters clearly not up to it.

Fingers crossed I'm wrong.

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30 minutes ago, Butty said:

If Lenihan Nyambe and Rothwell are out then I honestly don’t see how we win this game on Saturday.

Considering the cover we have is injured, Pike is on loan and Poveda was a mistake I think you're right.

Three bollocks dropped by Mowbray right there.

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15 hours ago, roversfan99 said:

With no Lenihan, Nyambe and potentially Rothwell, it is really hard to see us getting a positive result.

Would go Edun at right back and Carter at centre back probably. And bring Johnson into midfield for added protection.

Having seen Johnson for the U23s, the only way he is bringing protection to the midfield, is by tiring out their players, because they have to go the long way round him.

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Excellent preview, Andrew. You've set the benchmark for others.

I think Critchley's team will overcome Mowbray's team easily. I would have to give Magloire another chance at CB alongside Ayala (who will be dreading it, no doubt). Play Carter RB and Pickering LB. We need grit and bite in midfield so Davenport and the youngster Gunning? should be there. Butterworth has to get some game time surely.

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Really looking forward to this game and the entire day out should be excellent one with friends I haven't seen in months. 

I am looking forward to the game and another live game inside a stadium setting. 

Its look like Lenihan will be out injured and Nyambe is out. So I would set up like this


Maglorie Carter Ayala Pickering

     Buckley Travis Rothwell

Gallagher   Dolan   Brereton

If Rothwell isn't fit then I would bring in Davenport in or Butterworth into the 10 role and go 4-2-3-1 instead. 

8 hours ago, Wood26 said:

Looking forward to this. Expecting to bounce back with a win. As above, be a good day out.

totally agree

5 hours ago, roverandout said:

Based on what?

How can anyone 'expect' to win at Blackpool with this moron in charge.  What's expectations based on? Can I expect to go on a date with Taylor swift based on nothing? No. I could hope but not expect.  There is no expectations 

Based that we have 16 points on the board and only on Saturday we beat Cardiff 5-1 and produced one of the best performances Ive seen under Mowbray


14 minutes ago, bazza said:

Excellent preview, Andrew. You've set the benchmark for others.

I think Critchley's team will overcome Mowbray's team easily. I would have to give Magloire another chance at CB alongside Ayala (who will be dreading it, no doubt). Play Carter RB and Pickering LB. We need grit and bite in midfield so Davenport and the youngster Gunning? should be there. Butterworth has to get some game time surely.

Who is Gunning? Do you not mean Garrett? 

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